Earning methods

Money on the net can be earned faster than ever before. But not every method is suitable...

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered why bloggers would like to link to Amazon & Co. in their product reports? This is not just a nice service, but many blogs live from these links. For both sides - blog and website operators as well as for their readers - this is a win-win situation. Because there is nothing to complain about if a high-quality product is offered a convenient opportunity for immediate purchase.

Make money with programming

Writing, photographing and programming - these are the three pillars of the Internet. Especially when you are programming powerful, wagering lucrative profit margins. Provided you develop something that others can download. But in times of the cloud, we are no longer talking about software.

Snap to stock

An internet without pictures is unthinkable. Blogs, company pages and social media live from photos. But how do they come to your pictures? Applying a photographer is usually not only too expensive, it also takes too long. The solution: stock photography. Here the photographer produces in stock and sells his image rights to picture poole like Shutterstock, or fotolia, or istockphoto.